New Skin Care Company in Litchfield Park, AZ

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The Skincare Extraordinaire has expanded and moved to a more central location in Litchfield Park to better serve the West Valley. Now located within the well-known hair salon, “Diva’s & Dudes Too”, they are now able to be more like a medi-spa than a day spa. In addition to customized facials, peels, microdermabrasions, and waxing, The Skincare Extraordinaire is pleased to announce the addition of the following services:

Skin Classic Treatments with immediate, effective results of:

Telangiectasia (broken capillaries)
Sebaceous hyperplasia
Milia Cholesterol deposits
Cherry angiomas
Acne, clogged pores, black heads
Small raised fibromas
Skin tags
Seborrheic keratosis
Epidermal cysts
Flat hyperpigmentation
Oxygen facials
Electroporation treatments
Micro-current noninvasive facials
Red light LED anti-aging therapy
Blue light LED acne therapy

When asked about the reason for the relocation, licensed-esthetician, Tammi Harriss-Halim had this to say, ” I decided to move for a couple of reasons. There was a definite need for a larger location to provide the best equipment, techniques, and additional skincare services. Litchfield Park is a perfect location, being more centrally located in the West Valley. The new office has a very welcoming, home type feel. It’s very nice and the response has been incredible. I’m going to continue to offer the same services found in high-priced spas and resorts, at a lower affordable price because I believe everyone should have access to these services.”

The Skincare Extraordinaire continues to provide exceptional skincare in Goodyear. AZ and Avondale, AZ, with very affordable pricing making healthy skin accessible to everyone. Upon entering, you will find a very welcoming environment putting you at ease. You can be assured with peace of mind knowing their premier skincare products line, Skin Script RX, is an all-natural, chirally correct, clinical-grade skincare line. The Skincare Extraordinaire is open 7 days a week, by appointment only. Call to schedule your treatment today and see for yourself just how easy and affordable beautiful, healthy skin can be.


The Skincare Extraordinaire

501 E Plaza Circle, Ste E-2
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
Phone: (623) 826-3726 
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