IRS Tax Lien Notices Up 356%, IRS Coming After Taxpayers

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( — June 6, 2013) Charleston, South Carolina — The IRS issued nearly 1.3 million tax liens in 2002.  A little more than a decade has gone by and 3.6 million tax liens were issued, and that’s just through 2010.  Who knows how many were issued in 2011 and 2012?

“ has seen a tremendous increase in delinquent taxpayers coming to us for help with tax liens,” said.  “It’s scary to receive any correspondence from the IRS, but a lien is one of the worst notices a taxpayer can receive.” says that the IRS has programs available to help delinquent taxpayers if they qualify and aren’t intimidated by dealing with the IRS.

A federal IRS Tax Lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets.

You can avoid a federal tax lien by simply filing and paying all your taxes in full and on time said.  However, that’s not an option for many because a lot of taxpayers don’t have the money to pay off the debt; otherwise they’d pay the debt and avoid a lien.

There are many options in working with the IRS on issued tax liens.  Whatever you do, don’t ignore the notices or it will just be harder to work with the IRS.

Any taxpayer can get help from the IRS on back taxes, and some cases can be easily handled over the telephone. 

However, if you owe more than $10,000, you may want to seek professional help.  The main reason for selecting a professional is a professional knows all the rules and regulations of the IRS while a taxpayer on their own may not.  In addition, the professional is advocating on your behalf and wants to settle with the IRS on your terms or at least on fair terms. 

If you’ve dealt with the IRS and seen the power of this organization in the news lately, you may not want to take them on by yourself.

“If you can call the IRS and work with them,” that is great.  “However, if you’re like millions of Americans who owe back taxes, you may want to investigate working with or another reputable tax resolution firm,” said.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, If the problem is just too complicated to handle on your own and you still need help, has relationships with CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents and former IRS agents who will offer delinquent taxpayers or those who have other complicated issues a free professional tax analysis & consultation by calling 888-566-2450 or requesting a free consultation.