Sport and Health Drinks, Detrimental to Average Users Experts State

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(–June 5, 2013)  Geraldton, AU.–Expert nutritionists and dietician’s state that promoting sport and health drinks to ordinary people is ridiculous, considering that these drinks are supposed to give stamina and endurance to athletes.

“The thought of drinking what Olympic athletes are drinking gives a person a feeling of greatness when they drink the same kind of beverage. However, most of these drinks have high sugar and calorie content, which can be harmful to one’s health,” stated one nutritionist. “Drinking any of these so called sport and health drinks, after spending one hour in the treadmill is not necessary. A bottle of water for ordinary people doing a little exercise would suffice,” another nutrition expert stated.

However, there is also a question of the safety of bottled water for people who exercise. Several studies have shown that aside from the possibility of having unclean water inside the bottles, the material used in making the bottles could also pose danger.

The Food and Drug Act (FDA) has been regulating the materials used in making bottles used in the bottled water industry, inadvertently reconfirmed the public belief that some plastic bottles that contain water may leach toxic substances into the water.

Despite the assurances that the public receives there are still indications that some bottled water is unsafe. An article in the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) mentioned that the regulatory measures taken by the FDA are not very strict, which further increases the possibility of drinking contaminated bottled water.

 Mr. Daniel Warren,an advocate of natural ways of maintaining good health has written a book “Death by Natural Causes or Premeditated Murder” that discusses the dangers of treated or processed water, including bottled water. “One of the hazards of bottled sport and health drinks is that many contain contaminants coming from the bottle containers themselves, because of the materials that are being used in making the container,” he further added.

In 2011, CBN News featured the dangers or risks in drinking bottled sport and health drinks. “” This includes the presence of caffeine in high quantity, which is stronger than what is contained in one cup of coffee. These drinks are also loaded with sugar, which is not good for the health. Parents were also warned about their children ingesting too much of these diet supplements because they could cause heart palpitations and seizures among children.

“This simply shows that sometimes, death resulting from these products should be termed premeditated murder, by those who make them. If they know of these hazards, producing and selling these items should be considered murder, if one takes into consideration the law of “Duty of Care”.”

The news also mentioned that children with psychological problems can also suffer from the effects of most energy drinks. It has also been found that bottled sport and health drinks may not be very good for athletes. Sport drinks may not have caffeine, but these drinks can cause other problems from major health issues like stroke down to such as cavities


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