DirectTV Announces 2 New Discounted Subscription Plans and Bids Over $1 Billion for Hulu

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( — June 07, 2013) San Diego, CA –Streaming TV and Satellite operator DirectTV made two big announcements this past week with their new DirectTV and Internet bundle being offered at only $59.95 by calling 888-989-6793 .  They are looking to expand their offerings with their most recent bid made last week for the Hulu network that offers steaming video of TV shows, movies, webisodes an other new media, trailers, clips and behind-the-scenes footage from NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS and many other networks.

Dirct TV recently announced that they will be offering a subsciption service for their very popular DirectTV streaming TV service along with internet access for only $59.95 per month.  Along with their currently running Triple Savings event, you have the option to get their GENIE service that connects up to 4 rooms to their HD DVR system for only $29.95 per month by calling 888-989-6793.

DirectTV spokesman Darris Gringeri and Meridith Kendall, a Hulus spokeswoman, declined to comment on the most recent bid by DirectTV for the popular TV streaming network.

Sources thave said other bidders include Yahoo, former News Corp president Peter Chernin, private equity firm KKR, cable operator Time Warner Cable, Guggenheim Digital, and Silver Lake Management and talent agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment in a joint bid.

Additional information about current promotions can be found at DirectTV.