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( — June 9, 2013) Philadelphia, PA — The weight loss industry has exploded in recent years due to medical breakthroughs and the growing number of people worldwide that want to shed a few pounds. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup well over sixty percent of Americans are trying to lose at least ten pounds this year alone.  Sophie Katz, author of a new weight loss consumer guide, is trying to help others who, like herself, are excited to try the best natural supplements for weight loss but who are overwhelmed the enormous selection of products, promises, and prices.

Katz’s book, Natural Weight Loss Supplements The Smart Consumer’s Guide To Natural Weight Loss published by Silver Bullet Books, discusses the five most effective natural weight loss supplements according to numerous studies and the author’s own personal investigation, which included months of interviews and trials conducted by friends and co-workers hoping to lose weight before the summer season hit.

And while summer is quickly approaching, the desire to lose weight is not simply going to float away on an ocean wave.  In fact, new health issues tied directly to excess weight make it all the more important for people to start thinking seriously about their current weight loss program.

Katz’s guide covers frequently asked questions about the five most effective weight loss supplements – Whey Protein, Green Coffee, CLA, African Mango Fiber, and Garcinia Cambogia with HCA – including topics like what each supplement is and where exactly it is derived, how it works and who it works for, potential side effects all consumers should be aware of, and where each supplement can be purchased and what cost is to be expected for a quality product.

“I’m so excited to see my book published,” Katz tells reporters. “I’ve spent so much time and money on weight loss products that plain don’t work and some that are even potentially harmful. I just hope that this helps people make smart decisions about which products to invest in.”

Katz says that even if her book just helps one other person it will be worth it. But with her guide being offered as a free download by the publisher on Amazon this weekend, chances are it will help thousands.  

Natural Weight Loss Supplements The Smart Consumer’s Guide To Natural Weight Loss will be free Saturday and Sunday, June 8th – June 9th.




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