Eclipse Marketing Solutions is Now Offering Complimentary "Exclusive Local Business Leads" in Corona California

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( — June 9, 2013) Corona, CA —  If you ask any Small Business Owner what they ultimately want out of any form of marketing, it usually comes down to acquiring “Exclusive Local Business Leads” to fuel their business growth.

Eclipse Marketing Solutions, a full service small business marketing company headquartered in Corona California, decided to give them what they truly want.

What do local business owners really want?
As part of their complimentary marketing analysis they asked Corona business owners what they wanted most out of their marketing dollars.

Common responses were, “I want to be on the first page of Google”, “I want more people talking about my business on Facebook”, or “I want to finally see the results of all the money I’ve been spending on marketing”.

When their marketing consultants dug deeper, however, they found that what the business owners really wanted is more people calling their businesses or leaving their name, email, and phone number on a contact form to request a call back..they wanted more leads for their business.

The Eclipse Marketing Solutions “Exclusive Local Business Leads” program was designed for Corona business owners who are too busy working in their businesses to work on their businesses.

How does the program work?
The program will not require businesses to purchase any particular marketing services or sign an ongoing contract and payment will be due only after the leads are received by the business.

Eclipse Marketing Solutions will generate real-time local business leads using a variety of marketing techniques.

Participating businesses will receive a combination of live customer calls to their business phone and fresh optin leads to their email address.  Historically the ratio has been about 70% phone calls to 30% email leads.

When developing their business lead generation program, Eclipse Marketing Solutions decided to forego the industry standard of selling the leads to multiple businesses at once.  

Corona business owners won’t have to worry about competing with their competitors for these leads and will have the option of choosing exclusivity in their market niche…as long as they can handle all of the local leads generated, Eclipse Marketing Solutions will not allow another competitor access to the program.

Because this program has proven to be extremely effective and cost efficient in other cities, it will be rolled out on a niche by niche basis to ensure participants can receive a sufficient amount of fresh business leads.

Each participating business will receive complimentary local leads to try the service and decide if it’s a good fit for their business goals.

Interested Corona business owners can contact Eclipse Marketing Solutions to see if their niche is available.

Business owners in other cities can also inquire as the program will be rolled out to other areas based on demand and on a first come, first serve basis.

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