8 Tips for Creating Viral Content by Sherrie Chastain

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(Newswire.net — June 10, 2013) Denver, CO. –“Viral content has an appeal which makes people want to share it with their family, friends and acquaintances,” Internet Marketing consultant Sherrie Chastain explains, “which rapidly increases your audience and the amount of people that see your message.  When you create quality unique content that people can use, they will want to share it with their network.”

“Forrester Research published the statistic that 83% of consumers trust the opinion of a friend who has used the product,” Sherrie Chastain states. “Because of this peer influence, the recipient is more inclined to accept the viral message, and even increases the chance the person will act upon the message.  It is a know fact that referrals buy quicker, buy without question, and buy more.  When someone receives a message or offer from a friend, it is basically a referral and acts in the same way.  Implementing campaigns that become viral are extremely effective for brand awareness, however, actually creating viral content requires a few things.”

When you analyze viral campaigns, there are some things that they have in common which many analysts feel contribute to the success of the content going viral.  The following factors have been discovered frequently in viral content during analysis of multiple successful viral campaigns:

  1. The content must be original, because if people have seen it before the message is more apt to be ignored
  2. Transparency of content, so people will know where it came from and who made it

  3. The message of viral content must be easy to share, or it will be discarded as too much trouble

  4. Lists often go viral, because people love content that is short and easy to consume

  5. Giveaways & freebies typically go viral if the content is good, because the content is FREE

  6. Surveys & quizzes work well as viral content if the topic is interesting, because they are interactive

  7. Images are at the top of the list for going viral, because a picture is worth a 1000 words

  8. Humor has always made great viral content

“So be creative by using some of these viral content tips to market your brand, and try combining some of them to compound the viral effect,” the Internet guru Sherrie Chastain explains.