Interest in Forex Trading Is Trending Higher in England

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( — June 11, 2013) London, England — British traders now have access to online trading platforms where they can trade forex, commodities, indices and stocks. These platforms provide free live charts, quotes and finanical news.

In April, the LeapRate Retail, FX Volume Index hit a record of $215 billion, which means there is very high liquidity in the forex market.

People in upper and middle income brackets are more likely to invest. A recent BBC British Class survey identified 7 unique social classes in England. The following table shows the percentage of the population belonging to each group.

  • Elite 6%
  • Established Middle Class 25%
  • Technical Middle Class 6%
  • New Affluent Workers 15%
  • Traditional Working Class 14%
  • Emergence Service Workers 19%
  • Precariat 15%

In England the upper class would consist of the elite while the middle class would consist of the new affluent workers, technical middle class and established middle class.

As of April 2012, the United Kingdom accounted for 38% of global foreign exchange trading in the world. These results were based on individual surveys of foreign exchange by central banks in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

According to Google Trends as of June 5th 2013, the top 11 cities in England with the most “Regional Interest” for “Forex” were  London, Poplar, Brentford, Croydon, Thames Ditton, Reading, Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Bristol. 

If you search in Google for Forex Trading In England there are over 7 million results. For the phrase Currency Trading in England, there are over 14 million results.

Helping fuel the interest in trading currencies in Great Britain is the introduction of the eToro Social Investing Network. Traders can place trades, interact with other traders in a social environment, copy trades and even get paid to have people follow their own trades.

eToro just announced it is now licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer financial services under a UK broker license. This recognition of eToro by the FCA as a UK regulated company adds a seal of confidence for investors who would like to trade online.

If you search on Google for eToro there are over 11 million results; for eToro England you will see 444,000 results and for eToro Great Britain there are over 220,00 results.  

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