Gunvault NanoVault Delivers Effective Portable Gun Safety

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( –June 12, 2013) Lynden, WA–Children have a way of showing up in the living room holding something you thought was hidden. Children are naturally curious and this leads to exploration and discovery.

This is not the way a child is to learn about handguns. Learning how guns work without proper guidance can be fatal.

GunVault NanoVault pistol safes are designed for portability and will keep your gun from the hands and inquisitive minds of irresponsible individuals. The NanoVault will fit under the seat of your vehicle, in the glove compartment or in a carry bag.

A few design points:

  • Compact exterior dimensions from 1.75″ x 6″ x 8.25″ to 2″ x 71/4″ x 12 3/4″
  • Key Lock or Combination Lock
  • Weighs only 2lbs
  • Made of 18 gauge to 20 gauge steel

The NanoVault also meets TSA Firearm Regulations so you can take transport your gun safely in your check luggage while meeting Federal Regulations.

Gunvault specializes in making gun safes for the home, office and vehicle. The entire line of Gunvault Safes are available at Miles Tactical’s website.

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