Kent Clothier Produces Cutting Edge Real Estate Acquisition System

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(–June 12, 2013)– San Diego, CA. When Kent Clothier met Chris Richter at his home in La Jolla, California, he thought he was in for just a routine weekend coaching session. Little did he know, he was about to learn a few things himself.  

Richter started investing in real estate in 2005. Like so many other real estate investors, he found himself suddenly slammed when the housing bubble burst. Coming from a background in physics and engineering, his mind immediately went into problem solving mode and he got down to work. For the next few months, he saw little of his wife and baby, lived on snack foods and coffee, and crunched data.

Although he didn’t really know what he was looking for, he knew there had to be something; some kind of common denominator, buried within the endless number of real estate property data points that he was sifting through, that would be the answer that would turn things around. After a good while, a pattern emerged and he knew he was on to something big.

Richter had discovered a commonality among the majority of properties for sale. That commonality was vacancy. He had discovered that most of the time, before anything else ever happens to a property, before it goes into probate, or into foreclosure or gets listed, it goes vacant.

With that powerful information in hand, Richter went back into the trenches and, utilizing that proprietary system to aggregate data and give him nearly exclusive access to a huge database of vacant properties, he began to outperform his bigger competitors 3 to 1.

Knowing he had something incredibly powerful, but not really knowing how to automate it, Richter decided to take the biggest risk of his real estate investment career and share his findings with Clothier. With that decision, he invested in the pricey coaching fee that Clothier’s time commands, just so that he could get in front of him. 

Clothier, widely known for his keen business acumen, as well as his ever present finger on the pulse of the real estate market, has always had an almost uncanny ability to produce perfect systems that address real estate investment challenges, regardless of the challenges faced in any given market.

In an interview after the release of Find Motivated Sellers Now, Richter said, “I was sitting in (Clothier’s) kitchen telling him about my system and he stopped cooking and turned around to stare at me. He said, ‘you seriously have that information?’ He was blown away. I was nervous, but I knew I needed to take a chance; Kent has been solid as a rock and now we are partners on the product. I have joined the Clothier family.”

With the recent shortage of real estate inventory, Clothier knew instantly that they were about to embark on something very big. Clothier and Richter spent the rest of that weekend talking about the logistics of automating Richter’s powerful system and Clothier stepped in to produce it.

Find Motivated Sellers Now has since become Kent Clothier’s most sought after system; that, along with his systems for finding cash buyers and private money lenders, has given real estate investors the golden trifecta that pays out in a competitive edge that is nearly impossible to beat.