Mountain Biking Online Celebrates 10 Years as a Web-Based Bike Resource

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( — June 12, 2013) Seattle, WA — Today Mountain Biking Online celebrates its 10 year anniversary as a premier online mountain biking resource. The website attributes its success to offering mountain biking enthusiasts one of the nation’s most comprehensive and vivid online databases of all aspects of information on bikes, equipment, stores and more.

With years of experience in the mountain biking industry, the editor of Mountain Biking Online, Bradley Paxton has access to all of the information necessary to able to provide a reliable resource for bikes across the globe.

“We are just really pleased that our simple site has lasted for over a decade — we certainly didn’t plan on it. When we started this site back then, we were barely planning for next month, let alone ten years ahead,” says Bradley Paxton. “Many of the visitors that we get today are people who are either just getting into the sport of mountain biking or are simply wanting to know a little bit more about it. Some folks are concerned about the cost of a good bike and the accessories and others are more concerned about how difficult it is to ride on a trail or what is it going to take to outfit their car with a rack in order to haul their bikes from their home to wherever they are going to go riding.” has been able to stay around for all of this time because they have always taken an unbiased and user-friendly account of what is best for bikers across the web.

Paxton admits, “Working on this website has been a lot of fun and I’ve met a lot of terrific riders. I hope we can keep it going into the future.” With an attitude like that it may not surprise anyone when Mountain Biking Online celebrates its 20th anniversary 10 years from today.

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