Peruvian Beauty and Grace Marques Artistic Talent at International Plaza

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(– June 11, 2013)  Tampa, FL — Peru has always been one of the great countries in South America if not the world to visit because of its grandiose landscape and terrain and deep cultural heritage and roots.  It has always had the spiritual characteristics that have embraced peace and tranquility while also being home to many home grown artists, both musical and graphical.  Patty Filomeno, who was born in Peru and came to the United States at the age of eighteen, was always passionate about her artistic talents and has capitalized on the internet marketing website design logo, and graphic art arena where she runs her highly successful business. 

Ms. Filomeno never loses sight however of her artistic roots and maintains her palette and canvas to continue cultivating her love.  Early on after attaining her associates in Atlanta, she moved back to Peru with her family to complete her masters degree in Graphic Design. 

This exhibition at The International Plaza is a partnership with PromPeru, which is the Commission on the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism.  The marketing director of The International Plaza and Bay Street, Nina Mahoney, is excited to galvanize this collection of a slice of Peruvian life and culture, and bring it here.  With Machu Picchu as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, there will be a display of a 12 x 18 foot 3D graphic of this Incan citadel. 

There will be displays of culinary and cooking from Peruvian kitchens demonstrated On Wednesday, June 12th.  Pelagia Trattoria’s Chef, BrettGardiner and Chef Darwin Santa Maria from Peru will be showcasing their skills. 

Whatever level of interest that may strike your fancy, there will be plenty of fun and activity to pique anyone’s interest.  For those curious about a new culture or those that want to get reacquainted, these next few weeks promise to be a special and exciting time at The International Plaza.

Patty Filomeno will be on hand every Saturday at 2:00pm to demonstrate her painting skills and talk to anyone curious to learn and share her trade.  For more information about Patty and this grand event, contact:  727-385-4492