College Job Recruitment: New Book Reveals Secrets Of Getting Hired

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( –- June 12, 2013) Minneapolis, MN -– New author Eric Lewis just published his new book “Straight Talk On Campus Recruiting”. The book promises to teach students how to prepare for and excel in the on campus job recruitment process.  The book aims to be a one-stop resource when it comes to getting students hired.  The author covers topics ranging from choosing a major, all the way to reviewing offer letters.

Recent studies have shown that as many as fifty three percent (53%) of students are graduating without a job. This number is staggering for students, parents, and the economy overall. With so many students graduating without a job, many are questioning the value of college and graduate education.

Students need a guide to teach them about the entire process of transitioning from student to working professional.  Previous books focused on skills like interviewing or writing resumes.  These books typically offered general guidelines to follow, without helping students understand “what” they were actually being judged on. Straight Talk On Campus Recruiting addresses the topics from a different view.

“The goal of this book is to help students understand the recruiting process before they have to go through it,” said Eric Lewis.  “For instance, most books give students a resume template without helping them understand what is important and what types of experiences might help them put their best foot forward. This book isn’t about filling out templates. It’s about understanding what’s being asked so you can put your best foot forward!”

The author said that he drew upon his experience in the on-campus job recruitment process in graduate school and his experiences helping companies recruit students.  His experiences both as candidate and recruiter helped him write the book. He also mentioned his experience as an undergraduate student, not truly knowing what to do at career fairs and company presentations.  In a sense, he wrote the book he wished he could have read during his college career.

“Straight Talk On Campus Recruiting” provides a step by step course of action for students looking to get hired in today’s marketplace. It includes tips on using social media, as well as traditional channels for research and connecting with employers. The book is a quick read, providing students with only the information needed to be successful.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle. Additional promotions for the book will include video trainings on the book website in the coming weeks.

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