Texas Bugs-R-Us Introduces Dedicated Solutions for Houston Mosquito Control

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(Newswire.net – June 12, 2013) Houston, Texas–Texas Bugs-R-Us and Calvin Thigpen are pleased to announce the services of Houston’s best pest control company to ensure mosquito control for businesses and homeowners alike. The climate in Houston is a positive one for reproduction conditions for the pest known the mosquito. Although there are several types that live and breed in the area, most species require warm temperatures and stagnant water in order to thrive. Some types can reproduce in as little as an ounce of water.

Most people have a reaction when bitten by one of these pests. The bite site itches and swells. From the female mosquito’s standpoint, the human blood from the bite area is necessary in the reproductive cycle. Some people have severe reactions to the bites. Secondary infections can result from scratching at the itchy locations.

Beyond the localized itching and swelling caused by a bite, these insects carry a number of unpleasant and even life-threatening diseases. The diseases affect both humans and livestock. For example, malaria is spread by mosquitos and it kills more than two million people annually. Houston residents are not likely to contract malaria, but most people are aware of the West Nile virus, especially if they have livestock such as horses. There are various forms of encephalitis with are prevalent in this area of the country.

The skilled mosquito control professionals found at Texas Bugs-R-Us are available to determine the likely source of the swarms of mosquitoes that appear in the spring and summer of the year. The company has the equipment and tools to eradicate the insects in various life stages. The firm makes suggestions about eliminating likely environments where the mosquitoes may thrive. The professionals have the knowledge and products to get rid of infestations and to prevent them from returning.

Learn more about mosquito control, eradication and prevention by visiting the web pages at http://www.texasbugsrus.com/mosquito-control today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Calvin Thigpen at the location described below.



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