George Ogunsiji Named "Best Lead Generation Marketing Consultant" In London, UK

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( – June 13th, 2013) London, England, UK –  George Ogunsiji was officially recognised as the “Best Lead Generation Marketing Consultant” in London, UK following an online marketing peer survey.

A web-based opinion poll in which responders were asked to identify the “Best Lead Generation Marketing Consultant” in London, UK produced what some would point out as a fairly foreseeable end result. Online marketing strategist and Managing Director of Quantum Business Dynamics Ltd, George Ogunsiji, was selected well ahead of any recognizable name in London.

The opinion poll was conducted to settle a somewhat animated and long standing argument as to who could rightly lay claim to the distinction of  best lead generation marketing consultant in London. In an attempt to ensure full impartiality, and fairness the contest was conducted via the internet and the winner chosen by online marketing experts themselves.

The event to identify the worthy claimant was strongly contested, particularly in the early stages. However, as results emerged one name began to appear more frequently than all others. After the opinion poll closed, George Ogunsiji was announced and acknowledged as the Best Online Lead Generation Marketing Consultant in London.

When asked about the poll, responders appeared to have split reactions to George Ogunsiji being awarded the  highly sought after title, varying from total disbelief that a local business marketer could be so recognized, to complete agreement over the choice marketing experts had made.

Ogunsiji was identified as the “Best Lead Generation Marketing Consultant” by his marketing peers, primarily on account of the contributions he has made in supporting local business owners in their marketing endeavours and developing their lead generation strategies. As a respected marketing authority specialising in boosting online business visibility, generating high quality prospects and converting these prospects into valued customers, clients and patients, Ogunsiji’s award of the official title did not come as a complete surprise to many observers or participants.

Following announcement of the results, George Ogunsiji was quoted as saying “To be honest, I had absolutely no idea anything like this was going on. I’m completely taken aback, and frankly, quite astonished that so many people are even aware of my name!”

George Ogunsiji was also overheard explaining “I work hard on my business and the last few months have been ever so challenging. However I’m really excited about what I have happening in the remainder of the year. Hearing that people here in London have actually recognized me in this way is fantastic and a real privilege. I’m thankful to all who took part in the vote”.

George Ogunsiji can be contacted at Quantum Business Dynamics Ltd by phone at +44 (0)203 318 3249 


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