Darien Chiropractor Finds New Best Friends- People with Plantar Fasciitis

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(Newswire.net-June14th,2013) Darien, CT Most people don’t think of going to a chiropractor when their feet hurt. That all may be changing soon. Darien Chiropractor Brian McKay has come up with a method of treating this painful condition with startling results.

The treatment is broken into 4 steps. The first step utilizes infra red light therapy. This part of the treatment stimulates vasodilation of the affected area. Bringing more blood flow to the area as well as allowing increased venous return of damaged muscle cells.

Then the patient receives a treatment knwon as Graston technique. Here the dermal surface is lubricated then a stainless surgical instruement is rubbed along the surface to decrease friction caused by adhesions in the fascial planes. This can be somewhat painful, but highly effective.

Next we apply Class IV Cold Laser Therapy to the area. This is totally painless. This will speed recovery by emiting packets of light called photons. Much like photosynthesis the photons cause faster regeneration of the cells.

Fianlly the patient receives Activator Methods adjustment to re- align the lower extremity. Quite often foot issues will cause an overall instability affecting the patients gait. With an altered gait the pelvis becomes unstable and prone to subluxate.

McKay feels that this combination is synergistic in nature makeing each therapy more effective by combining them into one heck of a treatment. 

We started seeing referals from podiatrists and track coaches and now Tennis coaches are sending their students in with Tennis Elbows which are treated essetially the same way just a different area. Those results are just as promising.

Most people are sent back to their doctors to get fitted for orthotics to help stabilze their lower extremities to prevent a re- occurence. The YouTube video provided gives a pretty good synposis.

Brian McKay can be reached at 203-656-3636