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( — June 17, 2013)  London, UK – Since his student days, Stefanos Anastasiadis looked into ways to completely automate library systems and was exploring the edges of his knowledge, searching for new technologies that could aid him in his quest. The turning point in his career was his move to the UK for a Masters Degree in Human Computer Centered Systems. This led to experimentation and finally the idea that the automotive industry needed a specialized jobs site given the demand for such skills and a gap in this market. This led to the creation of CarAutoDriver, a platform that might change the motor industry someday.

The main idea behind the website is helping automotive specialists find their dream job in this vast and competitive industry. A special feature is a focus on user experience and the desire to create simplicity and particular attention has be paid to making the user interface as practical and straightforward,  for the benefit of everyone. Another key aspect is free registration for both automotive recruiters and jobseekers again in the pursuit of saving time and money. This opens the way for new exciting features that will follow and be announced to the public.

The whole idea of this site is to add a new tool in the toolbox of these men and women who help shape the way we move in our day to day lives, but not only to them, their employers as well. Offering both the opportunity of maximizing their chances of getting the right specialist for the right automotive job.

In our quest to build a better future for the workforce and the think-tanks of the motor industry, we are constantly researching new and improved ways of making life easier and building innovative solutions to problems that the motor industry already foresaw but could not find the effective solution. We are constructing a state of the art platform for the motor industry and its subsidiary will launch in the next couple of years; there is much work to be done, and we do not want to rush anything at all. Customer satisfaction is our aim.

While we are working for your benefit, you can get further familiarized with what CarAutoDriver is by spending some time on our blog. Here you will find car reviews, advice, insurance and much more. We have a database of car manufacturers with articles about everyone, from the cheap and easy to buy all the way to the top end builders, for every petrol head out there. The Auto Enthusiast column offers day to day information on what you may need about your car with updates on style and innovation; while the video section lets you not only see the cars but hear them as well.

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