Desolate Facebook Fan Pages Kill Credibility

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( – June 17, 2013) Kansas City, KS – Facebook was barely a blip on the radar a decade ago, and now it has enough members to rival the population of China or the number of Catholics in the world, and most of us cannot fathom our lives without it.  With over 1 billion members, nearly every conceivable way of monetizing any interaction has been considered, both within and outside of official Facebook headquarters.  One of the most popular options for small businesses and large brands is the simple Facebook “fan page” – a page which presents the brand of the business in a way that allows those who like it to receive updates and engage in discussions with the brand and other “fans”.

Many owners have had success with a fan page for their business, but others have found it actually turned people off of their business – not because of what was shared, but because of what was not shared.  “It’s a fact that most fan pages for local, small businesses start off with a flurry of activity in the first months, but that tends to plateau and then taper off over the first 3 to 6 months,” says Justin West, founder and CEO of Hundreds of Customers, LLC., a local marketing company that specializes in using social media to get more customers.

“If you were looking up a business online, like a chiropractor, and you stumbled across their fan page and saw that it was three years old, with 4 posts ever, that can send a very negative message about the business – it can make them look disengaged and uninterested, and in this age of digital connection that is the cardinal sin!” 

Mr. West suggests that owners frequently post engaging material, articles, pictures, and video.  “Keep it relevant, and don’t let it be sales-y – at least 90% of what you post should simply be valuable in its own right, or people will stop following your social media engagement.  This can be time-consuming, however, and many business owners simply don’t want to do it day after day.  One of our most popular offerings is Facebook content curation and creation, precisely because they don’t have the time or energy to perpetually focus on social media.  We help them generate quality content that people want to read, which keeps their audience engaged so that when the owner does have something to say, there are ears to listen.”  Hundreds of Customers offers this service with a 2 week trial on their website: