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( — June 18, 2013) — Cartoons, graphics and videos are important elements for websites and media, online or offline. Webmasters have long searched for ways to add unique and interesting visual content, as Baret News did, when setting up their news sites. The visual elements were the most difficult, and they consumed a lot of time, thought and effort.

Graphic elements tell an important part of the “story” of a website. “We knew we wanted something different, but we didn’t have the graphic skills to do it ourselves, although we did try some, with weak results and a lot of time wasted,” said Bill Bodri, Baret News CEO. Eventually, the websites were completed, but the process took much longer than expected. Another problem was trust, because not only did we get burned, we saw others with the same problem – paying money for a service, but getting nothing or weak results in return.

After those websites were completed, the team kicked around a few ideas related to cartoons and graphics, including ways to help connect webmasters and talented cartoonists and webmasters and talented graphic artists.

Fast forward, and the ideas that were kicked around in 2006 have joined together with crowdsourcing and marketplace creation, to make

Over that time, we connected with many cartoonists, who were looking to use their talents to help websites, and of course, to make money, and we added cartoons to our list of things to work on. Then we went into CPA ads and we realized graphics, cartoons and videos were needed. Then, MJ – the NewsBlaze cartoonist, and Will Roberts – whose cartoons were on Baret News, pushed the project along.

Typically, a cartoonist’s skills are all in their insight and creating amazing visuals, but not in the marketing and sales of their work. Now there is a marketplace that handles the marketing and sales for them, so they can concentrate on their strengths, and not need to worry about marketing, sales, collecting money and wondering if they will be paid. Even though these things are all important, one thing that is a big headache for everyone, is the rights that go with a purchase. These things need to be agreed on, in advance, so everyone knows where they stand. is an online marketplace where webmasters, magazines and other media can find talented cartoonists, talented illustrators, talented graphic artists and talented video creators. In consultation with knowledgeable cartoonists and illustrators, we get the rights to the work negotiated up front, so everyone understands what their rights and responsibilities are.

“One thing we knew from our previous searches for cartoonists is that there are a lot of talented people, who don’t have a great marketplace to show their high quality work. The second thing we found is that there are plenty of places webmasters can go to find someone who will work for a very small amount of money, but finding a range of quality work, with all the correct rights documentation, is hard. We wanted to change that dynamic, bringing together quality and certainty for everyone.” – Alan Gray, BaretNews.

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About is a marketplace dedicated to discovering and representing ethical cartoonists, illustrators and graphic artists, whose quality work is sought out by webmasters and media companies for their projects. Cartoonists, Illustrators and Graphic Artists can visit the Cartoons and Videos website to register, in preparation for the opening later this month.