Councilwoman Dickerson Spear-Heads Healthy Tornado Relief

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( – June 18, 2013) Oklahoma City, OK —  To support them through this highly stressful recovery, Oklahoma tornado victims, first responders and emergency workers are receiving nourishing foods and vitamins because of a special partnership involving Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson of the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), the Governor’s office in Oklahoma, Nourish America and natural product companies.

During times of trauma and crisis, essential nutrients are depleted in the body, increasing fatigue, depression and inaction, according to research. Yet fast food and junk foods such as sodas, candy and chips are among the items provided to victims by most disaster relief organizations. These foods do not increase nutrient levels in disaster victims but deplete them further making critical tasks and clear thinking that much harder.

Given this, with the help of Governor Fallin, Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson (SC) and Chair of NFWL ( and Mary Morton of Nourish America ( ) created a unique tornado relief team to get healthy foods and nutrition to victims and workers that would increase their ability to face the challenges before them.

Thousands of bottles of easy to digest vitamins and supplements and over a quarter of a million protein and energy bars have been donated for this Oklahoma Tornado 2013 relief effort by companies such as Clif Bar & Company, NOW Foods, Pharmavite, Sedona Labs, Wellesse Liquid Supplements, Sierrasil and Westol.

“I have been a long time member of The National Foundation of Women Legislators, and when the energy bars and multivitamins from the partnership of Nourish America and the National Foundation for Women Legislators arrived, Oklahoma had received the healthy products we needed when we needed them.  We are grateful that such busy people in their own states and the companies who made the donations thought of Oklahoma as we were going through such a difficult time,” stated Governor Fallin. 

This critical partnership will continue through the region’s recovery. This will assure that as tornado victims work to put their lives back together, they are getting the nutrition they need to succeed.

Look for additional news, updates, images and results of Nourish America and NWFL’s Oklahoma Tornado Relief. Be a part of this important effort by donating here.

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