Your Dentist in Lakewood Colorado Offers Full Dental Care

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(  — June 20, 2013) Lakewood, CO — While some dental offices specialize in specific dentistry, Dr. Nyvold is a full service dental office. “We pride ourselves on taking care of everyone from pediatrics to cosmetic procedures,” Dr. Nyvold said. 

Currently, T.E.N. Family Dentistry is accepting new patients for its new Lakewood, Colorado office and is excited about the prospects of helping local families with dental care.

“Not many people realize it, but proper dental care prevents more than simply dental problems.  Serious health issues can arise from improper or irregular dental care, so regular dental visits is important to overall health,” Dr. Nyvold said.

Shockingly studies have shown that 75% of US Adults are afraid to visit the dentist.  When you also factor in that only 50% of US Adults visit a dentist on a regular basis it’s no surprise people are having teeth and health issues in the US. Fear of the visiting the dentist (sometimes called dentophobia) has got so bad that there are support groups online to work with people on getting over their fear. 

Most people fears come from direct experience or indirect experiences, such as: the lack of control, sharp instruments the dentist uses, lying in the chair, noises from other dental patients, or simply the unknown of what is taking place in their mouth.

To help patients get over their fears, T.E.N. Family Dentistry in Lakewood CO, also has special accommodations to help  those visiting the dentist’s office for the first time.

“Sometimes our patients are often nervous and scared at the thought of attending a dental office for the first time.  We have a program to educate our patients so they can learn about the benefits and reasons why dental care and hygiene are so important.  We have found that by educating people in a non-threatening and gentle way, it alleviates their biggest concerns.  This in turn leads both of us to a positive dental relationship. ” Dr. Nyvold said.

Whether it’s young children or adults, dental care is an important lifetime behavior that if done consistently will lead to better overall health.

“You only get one set of adult teeth, so taking care of them is paramount.  Contact my office for an initial appointment and screening,” Dr. Nyvold added.

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