RIMM of Marietta GA Announces Affiliation With Big Idea Master Mind

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(Newswire.net — June 19, 2013) Marietta, GA —

RIMM Media Inc., of Marietta Georgia announces their affiliation with Vick Strizheus and Big Idea Mastermind.  With the launch of IdeaLabMasterMind dot com, RIMM was looking for another Master Mind group with which to affiliate.  The CEO of RIMM wanted to affiliate with an organization that upheld the principles upon which their company was founded.  These principles include entrepreneurship, fairness, truth in advertising and the passion for helping others achieve their dreams of personal financial freedom and success online.

One of the main reasons RIMM chose Big Idea Master Mind, was their commitment to open and honest training and their advanced knowledge or website traffic generation and conversions.  Vick, the brains behind Big Idea Master Mind, is a traffic generation genius and shares his knowledge with those he is affiliated with. 

A developing story online concerning Big Idea Master Mind and particularly Vick Strizheus, was the story of how he earned over $710,000 dollars in one month in affiliate marketing.  He wants to show everyone how he did what he did and I have included a link to his free video here. One of the nice things about Mr. Strizheus is his willingness to share his knowledge and skills.  This kind of transparency and commitment to the success of others is compelling.  It is one of the main things that attracted the founder of RIMM to associate with Vick.   

Both RIMM and Big Idea Mastermind have joined forces to bring one of the greatest opportunities online today to ordinary people looking to succeed online.  Vick Strizheus says; “If you can’t succeed here with all the training and support community you may not be able to succeed online.” 

RIMM launched their own mastermind website a few weeks ago. IdeaLabMastermind.com and have been adding useful content for members since.  A few of the things found on the site are how to install WordPress on your site.  WordPress is a content management and blogging platform that is easy to use.  Google loves WordPress since it comes with a built in blogging feature which Google seems to reward with higher rankings in the search results.  IDM also includes lessons on how to create and manage sales funnels and how to create compelling squeeze pages, just to name a few recent articles and lessons.

For more information about Big Idea Master Mind Network go here Now!


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Author: Kevin McIntyre, CEO

Site: http://idealabmastermind.com/710K