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( — June 19, 2013) Stockton, CA — Viratech Corp. (OTC:VIRA) announced today that’s 8th book of 235 books slated to be released on Amazon’s Kindle platform, focusing on Cancer, has been published.

The book, Find & Stop Colon Cancer by Dr. Kevin Buckman and Cancer Patient Advocate Chris Ryan, has been published. The first book, Find and Stop Breast Cancer, became a best seller earlier this year after only three days. The book Find & Stop Colon Cancer can be bought here:

Colon cancer is another cancer that is often overlooked or missed.

Dr. Buckman, senior author of the book states, “Sometimes I find new cases due to rectal or colon pain, bleeding, weight loss, constipation, or stool irregularities. We have a special interest in colon cancer due to the environmental factors associated with it and since most colorectal cancer tumors are thought to be cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) positive and its therapeutic response to anti-inflammatory treatment or prevention, and due to our interest in early detection of cancer.”

This book discusses risk factors, diagnosis, management, prevention, the role of diet, therapy, and many other topics of colon cancer.

According to the book, “ ( is working to find new screening tests for cancer and new modes of therapy. The site, which launched on February 15, 2013, includes a user friendly Mission Adaptive Plan (a MAP) that can be tailored for each user, and 15 modules for dealing with the disease, which are based on the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol. Based on more than 19 medical studies on quality of life and associated longevity, following the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol decreases the morbidity of cancer by increasing the quality of life by the use of these 15 steps which allows a cancer patient to be proactive. There is no charge for this service.” An explanatory video of the power of a Cancer Support Social Network can be seen here:


Through its experience-based search engine and technology,’s goal is to become the primary resource on the web for people affected by cancer, for the purpose of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.’s mission is to empower every cancer patient with the ability to research their disease and to find, organize, and manage their own cancer support network at no charge to them. The goal of these support networks is to assist the patient in conserving needed energy by reducing the burden associated with their own daily trials and tribulations. will strive to convert this saved energy into a higher level of patient activity and a stronger determination to fight their disease.

In addition is seeking new cancer researchers who wish to leverage its intellectual property and social network platform for the purpose of creating new distribution and engagement channels.

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