Green Coffee Bean Extract Provides Multiple Benefits Other Than Help with Weight Loss

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( — June 21, 2013)  Los Angeles, CA — Many people are looking for help with weight loss, which the green coffee bean extract has been successfully providing.  Green Coffee extract offers 3 distinct benefits that include, suppressing your appetite, burning your fat, and enhancing your mood.

An additional benefit for people that are looking for help with weight loss, is the fact that Chlorogenic Acid, which is found in green coffee extract, accelerates the thermogenesis process.  When your body burns its own fat to use as energy, it is called thermogenesis. You want to trigger thermogenesis, to reduce the amount of fat that your body has stored.  The antioxidant properties that the green coffee extract contains also help decrease the amount of new fat cells your body creates.

Green coffee dates back thousands of years, and in 1000 AD the Ethiopians made a wine type of drink from infusing the dried green coffee berries in water.  Recent research has uncovered that the green coffee extract is full of phenolic acids, which provide a superior antioxidant benefit when consumed.  The green coffee bean extract antioxidants fight against free radical damage.

The green coffee extract is not only providing people help with weight loss, the antioxidant properties are also giving people relief for some of their health issues.  People have been reporting relief from problems with their high blood pressure.  Studies are discovering it could be the Chlorogenic acids that are found in the unroasted green coffee bean extract that helps to decrease high blood pressure.  This also helps to provide you with better circulation throughout your whole body.

The green coffee bean extract is also showing positive signs in helping with insulin resistance.  This will still have to be tested in depth.  There are numerous other reports, which will take time to be tested to see if the health claims can be substantiated.  The facts that are in though, are how well green coffee bean extract helps people with weight loss.  Not only losing the weight initially, but also keeping the weight off for the long run.