Announcing The SEO Hub: Best Web Marketing Company in NJ and PA

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( — June 25, 2013) Linden, NJ — Talking with Joe Trzepla, you can almost hear the wheels turning as he speaks with passion about optimizing everyone’s online experience. “The internet is always evolving. If you’re on the technology side, you’re constantly learning. If you’re a local business owner, you’re constantly frustrated, trying to figure out how to get noticed.”

Small-to-midsize local businesses in NJ, NY and PA rarely have the expertise, time and money to pour into acquiring the top search engine rankings. Getting a product or service to show up on page one of Google or Yahoo is time consuming and, for most local businesses, too expensive.

Trzepla set out to change. “We contacted several of our clients who are up-and-comers,” explained Trzepla when I met him in his office for a sit-down chat. “This was their chance to see the economical SEO Hub methods in action, free of charge, in exchange for their in-depth feedback. If our new methods produced only average results, clients would be no worse off, but if they succeeded, they had everything to gain. In the end, everyone benefitted beyond all expectations. Now we are out to be the best SEO marketing company in NJ, PA and NY for small businesses.”

“Web technology is continually morphing.” Trzepla points out, “Companies like ours have to skate right on the cutting edge, enabling our clients to conduct business faster and maintain their online presence more economically. We make that our priority.” Trzepla explained the countless challenges of crafting an online presence, becoming known, driving traffic to your site and translating that into more business is often disheartening, horribly costly and ineffective. “So many businesses are lost in the back pages of the search engines, virtually invisible. We’re here to change that with The SEO Hub, to break through and provide what used to be available only to large companies for a hefty price.”

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