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( — June 26, 2013) Irvine, Ca– So what exactly is a deal site?

A deal site is collective buying; when a business owner offers a product or service to a list of subscribers through a deal site. People purchase the offered deal or program and the Business Owner takes a percentage of each sale and then pays a percentage to a Deal Site. The Business owner now has gained a new customer.

Deal Sites are industry specific,  whereas some are catered to travel, resort and hotel, entertainment, business, automotive, automotive repair,  technology, foods and restaurants, real estate, home improvement and repair, plumbing and electrical. This model is attractive and works because it is a no cost no expense proposition fully benefiting the business owner by generating new customers. Deal sites foot the marketing and advertising bill (not the Business Owner) and pays a percentage only on performance.

Customers vs Leads

One of the main benefits of participating in this business model is that a deal site(s) have a huge expanded reach, having millions of subscribers. Now the Business Owner has access at No Cost to offer a product or service directly to the subscriber base of the actual deal site. The Business Owner now has an offer in front of millions buyers. That means more Customers vs leads and new customers generate repeat business and profits.

A Different Business Model

The Deal Site is a model that is Fee Based contingent on Performance and paid on a predetermined percentage…the Business Owner makes money first, then the Deal Site makes money with No Upfront Fee at no expense or cost to the Business Owner.  The key is to position the business properly on the deal site(s) and walk away with new customers that keep coming back, again and again.  

Deal Sites Commitment

Deal Sites makes a commitment to provide its clients ( Business Owners ) massive exposure to gain and embrace the business owners vision of excellence generating new customers ,increased  business, sales and profits all at no cost to the Business Owner.

Determine if a Deal Site Model is useful


 • your business exposed to millions of people

 • a flood of new customers to walk through your door

 • new customers that turn into repeat business

 • to grow your business and increase your bottom line profits

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