Secret to Lose Weight Forever Revealed In New Weight Management Program

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( — June 29, 2013) New York, NY — Best Selling author, dietitian and empowerment expert Holli  Rovenger is on a mission: she has developed a program to help people finally stop the weight loss roller coaster.

Stopping the Yo Yo is based on two undeniable realities : diets DO work,  it’s people who don’t. The fact that we need to get back to a tried and true formula that works as opposed to one which is quick and easy.  It takes serious desire, work and time to achieve and maintain permanent weight loss.  

Rovenger says “Since You are the expert about YOU –why are you following someone else’s diet?  The same diet that has been given out to countless numbers of other people. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Once you start studying YOU, and learn new strategies, techniques and skills, YOU can develop a liveable eating plan made just for you.”

Rovenger’s program helps people discover their true desire and motivates them to put in the time and work necessary to finally get this area of their life under control. The program includes four critical features:  awareness, lifestyle change, support and accountability through weekly lessons, worksheets and interaction. She maintains “it’s truly not just about your weight, it’s about your life!”

She uses her ADD RESULTS to your life system (an acronym which begins with awareness and accountability, and ends with seeing your future and taking positive steps on a daily basis), as well as BE LEAN principles (an acronym that focuses on all the forces in your life that impact and influence you ) to guide individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to success.  The system guides them in a step by step process to study their OWN desires, lifestyle, habits, etc.  so that they can then  “train their brain” to have their subconscious and conscious minds in agreement  and change their relationship with food.  This program is not for the meek; it is for the person who has had enough and is ready to take control of their weight and their life once and for all.

Rovenger is the CEO of two companies dedicated to helping women, and smart men, (; and is a best selling Amazon author of The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment.

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