Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Top Belly Blasting Foods Video Released

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(Newswire.net – 1 July 2013) New York, NY – A new video demonstrates how people are able to burn fat with nutrients found in 23 certain foods, describing how each of these foods increases weight-loss, provides more energy, and speeds fat burning. The video shares new details about ways to  Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Top Belly Blasting Foods.

The human body possesses an innate ability to utilize large amounts of fat for energy each day. The video provides important information about several powerful nutrients contained in  23 fat blasting foods. These specific nutrients, found in normal, easy to access foods speed up the body’s production of leptin, a powerful hormone that accelerate fat and weight loss.  

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone that is important in the fat-burning process.  Certain meals assist the body in creating leptin, controlling the amount the hormones that burn fat improves the body’s ability to burn fat and increase weight loss.

Leptin is considered by many to be the most important fat-burning hormone produced in the body, and influences the fat burning and weight loss occurring in the body.  There are findings that link declining leptin level decreased caloric intake, this may increase weight gain and increase in body fat.

There are also many techniques that improve the ability to produce leptin and increase fat burning, these techniques include Reverse Carbohydrate Tapering and periodic overeating of foods like wings, burgers, tacos, pasta, pancakes, ice cream, and cookies to increase fat loss. These techniques speed up the production of leptin, which increases fat burning opportunity.

There are several benefits of eating certain one-ingredient fat burning foods, each speeding up metabolism and increasing production of leptin. Including the these foods increase sensitivity to leptin, which speeds up the ability to burn fat and calories.  The video demonstrates a new, 30-second technique that increases the ability to manipulate control of leptin production in the body, increasing the ability to burn calories, burn fat and lose weight.

The full Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Top Belly Blasting Foods video  is available at http://healthnewswires.thefatburninghormone.com/23-belly-blasting-foods/.

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