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(–July 5, 2013)  St. Petersburg, FL— Dental care today is much more efficient and easily attainable by way of the vast dental products that are on the market now.  Dr. Larry Klein of St. Petersburg, Florida discusses some of those tips and ideas that can help his patients and others care for their teeth in a better way. 

Tooth brushes are now electrical that can provide a lot more rotation and surface area coverage than the manual motion that a normal handheld tooth brush can provide.  Imagine the number of strokes that can be applied in a rapidly moving machine versus the laborious hand motion up and down that a manual tooth brush does.  Oral B Braun is one such brand product that is mentioned by Dr. Klein as an example of this useful tool.   The smaller head on this electric brush is the main feature that enables this efficiency as well. 

The smaller head focuses on each individual tooth whereas the manual brush brushes the teeth in a broader spectrum not cleaning each tooth as efficiently. ”Tooth brushing versus teeth brushing” is best described by Klein.  Both affordable and ease of use is one of the reasons that this electric toothbrush is recommended.

Flexible floss is another product that expands and stretches as it is used to allow for more ease of movement and sliding maneuverability.  The cleaning aspect of this newer floss is most important in that with its easier motion and ability to clean, enables this flossing function to be better served. 

Dr. Klein explains the dental hygienist who cleans in the way that some of these better and more efficient dental products provide for.  With home dental care more advanced, a dental patient can avoid the serious dental problems that can keep the expensive more invasive procedures to a minimum and leave the dental visits for routine cleaning and checkups. 

One might assume that a dentist would want more expensive procedures from a business point of view, but in speaking with Dr. Klein, we gained a sense of truly warding off those unpleasant procedures and keeping the patients happier and healthier which promotes good hygiene and a better family experience on the whole with their family dentist. 

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