CEO of TFCO Launchs New Fund Raising Website.

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( — July 8, 2013) Geraldton, AU — The Family Care Organisation (TFCO) founded by Daniel P. Warren recently made live another website, Like the other five websites that Mr. Warren built in the last three years, this web site also aims to generate income to support the projects of TFCO, which is to directed at single mothers and their newborn infants. 

“Throughout my life, I have felt compassion for single mothers who are rejected by their families and society in general. Thinking that they and the baby they are going to give birth to will have no future, they resort to Neonaticide, or the killing of their new born child,” lamented Mr. Warren.

The Family Care Organisation (TFCO) now has six web sites that all aim to raise funds for the organization’s projects and at the same time, provide useful data and high quality products to their clients.

“As with all TFCO websites “My Way to Get Rich” features many free e-books and ample content that you can use to familiarize yourself with internet businesses, and our staff is always more than happy to help with advice etc. Get rich or die trying is my personal catch word stated Mr. Warren, because you lose any opportunity to succeed if you don’t try in life, but it should not cost you an arm or a leg to test the water”.

The website promotes self-help guides in building a web site, optimizing it and making it generate income. The e-books and video are all self-explanatory and easy to follow. Doing the step by step procedures is easy and it assures income generation in time, but as Mr. Warren says, “forget the get rich quick schemes, they simply are not real and only the scammers profess otherwise”.

“The materials onsite will open doors for you to earn income, if you diligently and consistantly apply yourself. Once your online business has kicked off, you can be sure you will earn income without leaving your home or working ten to fourteen hours a day. In addition, you should feel happy knowing that you have contributed to TFCO’s mission of giving single mothers and their infants hope for a better future, you never know your sister or daughter may be one of our recipients” explained Mr. Warren.

Aside from online business guides, this TFCO website also explains how to generate income from blogging and providing content to other web sites, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization.

A couple of years ago, these web sites were conceptualized and made a reality by TFCO’s Chief Executive Officer. Today, these web sites are all live and functional and readily serving the public.

Mr. Warren stated, “Establishing these websites is never easy to begin with, and I have put most of my time, effort and funds into learning how to do it. And trying my best to avoid being scammed and conned to buy shinny objects, I’m afraid that’s the same story for most people working online”.

“But knowing the potential and that it would be the best way for me to generate the amounts needed to sustain the operations of the facilities that we plan to build, it was the only real option”,  he further stated.

First, my team and I intend focusing on countries where Neonaticide is rampant and as the resources grow so shall we expand, we dream of TFCO facilities in every country, Mr. Warren declared.

By combined help and assistance, I know that all our visions and dreams are now within reach.


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Author: Edward Morrows G+