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( — July 7, 2013) Geraldton, AU — The Family Care Organisation (TFCO) recently launched a new web site,, which contains information about babies and babies’ needs, and how to see a future picture of babies using baby picture generator.

“Would-be parents can have fun using this baby picture generator software, which produces picture of the couple’s future baby using the photographs of the mother and father,”  Daniel Warren, founder of the website and CEO of TFCO stated.

The web site “Give Your Baby A Chance” is rich in information about everything pertaining to babies, from the time of conception to the time that they are grown up. Featured in this web site are e-books, video and other reading materials about caring for babies from the time that they conceived to the time that they are grown. The baby picture generator is recommended for parents who want to see how their future baby would look like with their features combined.

“Aside from things that give would-be parents fun, the website also feature the things that babies need. Baby formula, baby clothes, baby care products, baby books and CDs of nursery rhymes – all these can be seen and purchased from the web site,” Mr. Warren announced.

Like the five other websites that the TFCO operates, “Give Your Baby A Chance” is aimed at raising funds to support TFCO’s major programs, which is building facilities for single mothers and their babies.

“I have been deeply anguished by the fact that because they think that they have nowhere to go and their babies won’t have a good future with them, young mothers feel they are forced to abandon their babies or to leave them to die. It is sad how desperation could make a mother kill her own child,” Mr. Warren lamented.

The TFCO was conceived by Mr. Warren a couple of years ago and he foresees facilities for single mothers and their babies in many parts of the world.

“Through the income from our websites, I plan to put up a facility for single mothers and their children, first in countries where Neonaticide, or the killing of the newborn, is rampant. When I think of would be parents happily anticipating their babies by looking at their baby’s image in the baby picture generator, I feel sad about those infants whose coming is feared by the mothers,” Mr. Warren added.

It is the aim of TFCO to provide a home to the single mothers and their babies. These single mothers will be trained so that they could be employed and earn to support their children.

“I look forward to facilities across the globe, where single mothers and their babies thrive together and live a good life,” Mr. Warren asserted.



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