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( — July7, 2013) Geraldton, AU — The Family Care Organization (TFCO) has launched the, a web site that focuses on everything about babies – baby names, baby needs, how to care for babies, parenthood, and of course, modern technology for would-be parents such things as the baby look generator software.

“This web site was built for babies all over the world. It discusses how to care for babies from the time that they are still in their mother’s womb to the time that they are growing up,” Daniel Warren, the founder of the web site and TFCO Chief Executive Officer enthused. “Contents of this we site aligns with the main goal of The Family Care Program, that is, providing assistance to single mothers so that they can give a bright future to their babies,” he added.

Designed for would-be-parents, “Give Your Baby A Chance” is a repository of information that will help couples nurture their babies well through the informative articles posted. There are also baby products that are promoted on the web site, as well as e-books and video that can help parents from pregnancy to childbirth to their child’s on going future.

“The “Give Your Baby A Chance” website is considered one of TFCO’s best fundraiser. Would-be parents will be able to learn how to care for their babies and rear them, and provide them with quality products for their needs, from baby formula information, baby diapers, baby clothes to furniture for nurseries,” Mr. Warren revealed. He added further, “what is remarkable is that in the process of visiting our web site and purchasing baby products for your baby, you also help unfortunate babies all over the world.”

As explained by Mr. Warren, all six web sites of TFCO are geared towards raising funds for his program to help single mothers and their babies have better chances in their lives. “All profits realized from these web sites will be part of the funds intended to build facilities in countries all over the world to serve as home, school, and workplace for single mothers.

“These facilities will be self-sufficient. There will be gardens and orchards to give mothers and their babies organic fruits and vegetables, a poultry house that would give them fresh eggs and meat every day, a fishpond for their fish supply. The mothers will be taught vocational skills relevant to the thrusts of TFCO ongoing activities such as website designing, encoding, seo skills, writing and graphics designing,” Mr. Warren revealed.

For would-be parents, using the baby look generator software could be fun, but preparing for the baby’s happy existence would be the source of ultimate joy and fulfillment.

“I invite would-be parents to visit our web site, learn all the facts about parenthood, from people who are actual parents and grandparents, even a few like myself who are great grandparents and contribute to TFCO’s cause.


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