Website Advises How to Get a Life After Losing a Partner

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( — July 8, 2013) Geraldton, AU — TFCO’s newest web site gives tips on how to get a life after losing a partner. Founded by Mr. Daniel P. Warren, this web site provides strength to people who have lost hope or those who feel discouraged with their lives.

“All of us have experienced losing someone we love. There are times that we may not feel like going on living anymore, but of course, we must learn how to get a life of our own. It may be sad but we cannot do anything about it. What we must do is to accept our loss and start a new life,” Mr. Warren stated.

What we need in those times is a willing ear and a compassionate person to help guide us through the troubled times, this is the essence of To Get A Life. The site is packed with self-help articles, and there are products that can be purchased for those seeking greater help or understanding. Also provided is a personal confidential contact venue, for those who feel the need for counseling.

The website “To Get A Life” is one of the six web sites that The Family Care Organisation (TFCO) has built in order to generate funds for the operation of its facilities for single mothers and their babies in various countries, eventually TFCO hopes to be truly a world wide identity. 

Through the help of TFCO, it is hoped for that these single mothers will learn how to get a life after giving birth to their babies.

“These mothers must get back to a normal life after their ordeal and forget about the treatment that they received from their family, their friends and society in general,” advised M. Warren.

Mr. Warren’s plans are to put up homes for single mothers and their babies, the facilities must be able to provide the needs of the occupants.

“I foresee a place where there is plenty of space for gardening. The single mothers can plant vegetables and fruits, raise chickens, have an orchard and a fishpond so that their daily food needs could be met,” added Mr. Warren.

The Family Care Organisation was conceived by Mr. Warren several years ago. With the advent of the internet, he saw an opportunity to raise more funds to finance his project. The six sites under the TFCO were all built for this purpose.

“It is my dream to have these websites all earning soon so that I can realize my dream of putting up facilities for single mothers and their children all over the world. I know this will require a lot of money but with your help, all will be possible. Visiting our sites and purchasing some of our high quality products will contribute to the funds of TFCO,” Mr. Warren explained, “as all profits are directed straight into furthering the TFCO’s goals”.

Currently, all six web sites are live. “They still need to be improved on of course, as Mr. Warren states, a good website is never complete, it must continue to grow and expand”. Mr. Warren and his staff are continuously working towards making the websites more informative and useful.

“My life’s savings were put into learning the internet business and creating these websites because of my strong desire to realize the goals of The Family Care Organisation. The task at hand requires immense ongoing finances to truly be successful” he concluded.


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Author: Edward Morrows G+