MainStreet Properties Helping Buyers & Sellers In Hot Housing Market

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( — July 8, 2013) Denver, CO — MainStreet Properties brokers Sheila Surber and Roberta Hutchings say it’s about time the housing market comes back strong, following the greatest market collapse since The Great Depression. 

“Homeowners in our area and across the nation have lived through incredible loss in terms of property value, and huge losses in savings, investments, retirement, and jobs in general,” says Hutchings.  “For many Americans, their home represents their biggest investment in life, and it’s terrifying when you end up owing more than your home is worth. Thankfully, the housing market is coming back strong and values are increasing month over month and year over year.  This is also a great time to buy a home because interest rates remain at historic lows around four-percent.  It’s not always clear or certain how long the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates so low.” 

Statistics show compelling results that real property prices in the Denver area are indeed climbing fast.  According to a recent published reported, Denver’s median home price increased over eleven thousand dollars in the one-month period between March and April. 

MainStreet Properties brokers Surber and Hutchings say increasing values may not end any time soon.  “When you see the median price jump from 268-thousand dollars to about 280-thousand dollars, there is little doubt of a major market correction.  Based on demand and the limited number of homes for sale, we anticipate that house prices will continue to climb for some time to come.  For some reason many homeowners are not selling, despite the hot market.  We believe that some sellers are holding out for even higher values.  This means that buyers will benefit by getting a home sooner rather than later as prices continue to rise.”

Meanwhile, the housing recovery seems to be occurring across the United States.  The National Association of Realtors and others are reporting double-digit increases in the national median home price, the number of sales, and other statistics also show double-digit percentage jumps over 2012.