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( — July 10, 2013) King of Prussia, PA – Think about how often people struggle with something big in their lives. Who do those people turn to? Who do those people talk to?

All too many people think they are the only ones going through these trials and tribulations. Amazingly enough, they are not alone. In fact, AMG TV (Apostle Media Group TV) invested time to record the stories of how various people faced troubles and overcame those obstacles through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of these Life Stories videos were screened at Creation Northeast Festival 2013, hosted by DAR of AMG TV.

Who Is Featured In the Life Stories Videos?

People from all walks of life are featured in these videos. Included are old and young people, because trials and tribulations know no age boundaries. People were willing to share details and challenges in their lives with complete strangers, to help uplift individuals that may be facing similar challenges, to proclaim the power of Jesus Christ.

Who Is Apostle Media Group/AMG TV?

Apostle Media Group is a mobile media ministry. They use the latest digital technologies to capture and share stories of individuals that have overcome various obstacles in order to inspire and motivate people to persevere through whatever difficulty they may be facing. AMG TV is the video network that houses the various work that Apostle Media Group produces, including Life Stories, their newest series of videos.

Why Were These Videos Created?

David Allen Ruth, founder of Apostle Media Group/AMG TV, says, “Our goal is to inspire and motivate. In addition, whether it is through the screening events, through the life stories or through any other media we produce, it is meant to inspire, motivate, and transform lives. Everything we do is to Inspire, motivate and transform.” The videos are meant to help people improve their lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How Can People Support  This Cause?
Digital technology moves at a very fast pace and in order to be at the top of technology, AMG upgrades often. AMG also has expenses such as travel, vehicle and equipment maintenance, etc.. All  donations are quickly put to work to help further this ministry. No donation is too small.  AMG’s prayer is that the Lord will move readers of this news  to want to support
this  cause and mission.

Where Can People  See These Videos?
These videos were featured at the Creation Northeast Festival’s Short Film Screening Series. The videos were featured in The Short Film Screening Series on Thursday night. They are NOW available to view at

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