Classified Ads Canada Website Draws Much Interest Around Official Launch

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( — July 8, 2013) Vancouver, Canada — Canada’s newest classified ads website, Trading Post Canada, is taking the country’s online marketing community by storm on its first few weeks after launch, prompting users to use such adjectives as “revolutionary”, “innovative” and “nouvelle” to describe the website’s many features.

A visit to the link has viewers surprised by the new features that are unique from current online catalogues. One such feature is the quick location identifier where finders are first given a selection of counties where they want to look for specific items before typing in a search. While most online buying sites would have this feature at the end of a transaction, the move by Trading Post Canada makes searches more efficient and foolproof.

Another innovation is the inclusion of socially relevant services such as an option to donate to specific charities and advocacies—something dear to most Canadians—like rare disease awareness, combating addiction, helping the homeless, anti-poverty and many others. Plus, a Charity of the Month is featured prominently for this purpose, allowing users to contribute a percentage of their sales on the site.

“We are a classified ads Canada website with a heart,” Mr. Fink explained. “We have a dedicated resource section for people helping people and for charity.”

Like other classified ad websites, Trading Post Canada lists common categories like jobs, cars, hobbies, services, pets and others—plus some more for hard to find items. Also, by enrolling in one for three membership plans—Free, Premium and Profit Plus—users can avail of discounts, loyalty rewards and other interesting perks for using Canada’s most trusted online classified ads website today.

Another trendsetter is Trading Post Canada’s integration of a video chat feature which allows buyers and sellers to see the product and the person they are dealing with, adding to their security and assurance. What is more, the online classified ads site has tied up with only trusted and proven service providers such as Paypal and FedEx—two of the most used online service facilities. Payment methods and delivery has never been as convenient as before.

To learn more about Trading Post Canada and to sign up, visit the website

About Trading Post Canada

Trading Post Canada styles itself as the classified ads website with a heart which people can trust. Unlike most classified ads websites, Trading Post Canada is not only for buying, selling and trading, but also promotes social responsibility by supporting charitable works. By linking with only the most trusted online service facilities and employing user-friendly features (such as video chat), Trading Post Canada ensures security in all transactions done on the site.

The exclusively Canadian website offers memberships from across the nation for minimal membership fees in three programs—Free, Premium and Profit Plus—after which members can avail of the website’s clean services (clutter-free pages, no sections for personal ads and adult material).