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( — July 8, 2013) Geraldton, AU — Daniel Warren, chief executive officer of The Family Care Organization (TFCO) announces the launching of a new do-it-yourself web site. Named, the web site features contents and e-books on plumbing and general DIY or do-it-yourself style.

“Being a retired master builder myself, the articles on DIY are very instructional and useful to those who prefer to do ordinary house repairs and maintenance especially in plumbing. The e-books and other materials featured in the web site are also checked for quality and utility,” Mr. Warren assures any site visitor. “Plumbing jobs are often required in homes and plumbers’ services tend to cost an arm and a leg. Knowing how to do basic plumbing yourself as well as other DIY tasks will be a great help to your family and could play a major part of the austerity measures you need to take during the current global economic crisis,” he stated.

The DIY web site is one of the six web sites that Mr. Warren has built in the span of the last few years. All web sites are under The Family Care Organisation and are expected to finance TFCO’s projects.

“TFCO’s primary concern is the rising cases of Neonaticide or killing of infants worldwide. News of single mothers giving up their children for orphanage, or having them adopted is sad, but knowing the fact about young mothers intentionally causing their infants to die is beyond mere grief. I believe that many of these women do it because they think/know that they cannot support their children and honestly believe the child is better off dead, then living in todays world,” Mr. Warren lamented.

As TFCO funds increase, facilities for single mothers and their new born infants are built in countries throughout the world on an ongoing basis.

“We do not want single mothers or their children to be dependent on us or society in general, stated TFCO’s CEO, the idea is to support and educate, so that throughout their entire lives they can be independent and beneficial to society. TFCO will help them achieve a good start and give them the skills required to lead better lives together with their child. However, when the time comes that they decide they are ready to live on their own and care for their babies, the facility will let them go.

There is no contract as to how many months/years a woman must stay with us, they are free to go out anytime, reality sadly is very clear on the facts, there are far too many women and children needing help to waste time and effort on anyone who does not take full advantage of our services.  As long as they believe they can stand on their own feet and support their children that is their right, but you only get one bite of the TFCO apple, we may be a charity but our services are not freely granted, they must be fully used or the recipient is just stealing the opportunity off someone else” Mr. Warren stated further.

To reduce expenses for each facility, TFCO’s executive plans include all women contributing their efforts in food production and maintenance. They are fully capable of planting vegetables and fruits, raise chickens and other poultry, maintaining fishponds for meat production, plus the exercise and outdoor activities tend to be highly beneficial in promoting self-reliance and self-esteem.

“I firmly believe that single mothers and their babies need protection and support. With the right direction and guidance, these women have many chances in life for self betterment. They were abandoned by the fathers of their children, rejected by their families and friends, and ostracized by society.  Pregnancy is not a crime, nor does it deserve a death sentence” Mr. Warren declared


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Author: Edward Morrows G+