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( — July 8, 2013) Geraldton, AU — A new web site built by The Family Care Organisation (TFCO) chief executive officer Daniel P. Warren provides do-it-yourself or DIY training online. This web site, is a rich source of useful information on how to do simple things that would cost good money once a repairman is hired.

“The web site has e-books and other DIY online materials that would be very helpful to many households. Why seek the services of a repairman when you can easily do most basic tasks yourself?” asked Mr. Warren. “The economic meltdown we have experienced has left many of us low on cash and high on debt. Eradicating the need to pay for services that we could easily do ourselves will help us all deal with the financial constraints that we are experiencing,” he added. promotes materials that will allow anyone to perform do-it-yourself tasks at home or in the office, and the recipients of TFCO care, will of course be learning from this and our other sites as well. All our sites are built with the dual purpose of one, raising capital to further the TFCO ongoing goals, and secondly as a knowledge base to extend the abilities of TFCO recipients being able to make their lives better and more fulfilled.

The DIY website is one of the six websites that Mr. Warren built under the umbrella of TFCO. Conceived by Mr. Warren a few years ago, TFCO aims to provide support to single mothers and their babies all over the world.

“My goal is to build facilities where single mothers will be given a chance to rebuild their lives, care for their babies, and give them a brighter future, in countries all over the world. This facility will serve as their home, school, and their workplace. Each facility will produce its own food supply by having a vegetable garden, orchard, poultry, fishpond. The mothers will be helped so that they can acquire skills that would give them a source of income to support themselves and their child,” Mr. Warren explained.

Asked how he would finance this project, Mr. Warren replied: “All six web sites that we have built generate income that goes directly into the coffers of the TFCO. These funds in turn are used to build the facilities, provide education to single mothers, and proper health care and nutrition for everyone, especially for the infants. We are planning to build more websites, as I intend to have facilities for single mothers and their infants in all countries where there are women who need the help TFCO offers,” he further stated.

“We do not want to solicit directly to raise funds for the TFCO. Instead, we offer everyone informative contents on my web sites and high quality products at mass discounted rates that are in fact highly useful. Visiting any of our websites or purchasing products or services that we feature, will make you a donor to TFCO’s cause and a benefactor to millions of single mothers and their babies worldwide,” Mr. Warren explained.

The site is now live and ready to accept visitors and customers.


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