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( — July 10, 2013) Tampa Bay, FL — Carol Roberts, MD was raised in the New York Metropolitan area and was always affected by her surroundings and the people and lives that were associated with these surroundings.  Having done her undergraduate studies at Harvard University, she was a math major and tried to decipher how that would lead her to a meaningful career path. 

Having decided that medicine was a means of serving the people with her intelligence, she enrolled in University of Texas in San Antonio Medical School and served her residency and internship at Albert Einstein Medical back in her hometown of New York. 

Roberts practiced ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) and was an ER (Emergency Room) surgeon where she accomplished part of her dream in using her medical background to help people but it still was not enough.  The core training for medical doctors was heavily influenced by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and she felt that there was another path towards helping people lead healthier lives. 

As an educator, Roberts has dedicated herself towards guiding people to not just follow conventional medicine and the “pill pusher” doctors that seem to be everywhere , but by broadening her outlook on life and medicine, she discovered the use of nutrition, exercise, and meditation.  These fundamental aspects of holistic living just made sense in helping people to help themselves.  Taking a pre-emptive approach towards health and wellness, Roberts has developed a niche that is gaining momentum throughout the world. 

Twenty years ago, she created a holistic medical practice that has evolved into a viable practice with a healthy following in the Tampa Bay area.  The recreation of medicine is perhaps the most exciting aspect of her pursuit.  Never one to be satisfied with the conventions of the herd, Roberts seems to test the outer limits of “Why Not?” if there are alternative medical ideas or paths that can be safer, cheaper, and achieve better and longer lasting results.

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