Fountain Home Loans Of Alabama Announces New Program For FHA Refinancing On Mobile Homes

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( — July 10, 2013) Foley, Alabama — Fountain Home Loans LLC, is now offering three new mortgage refinance products that are now available that have never been offered before In Alabama.

Starting Today Fountain Home Loans is offering FHA Streamline refinancing with a minimum of 620 mid credit score necessary. Joshuah Bryant of notes “This is huge. Finally a large portion of the Alabama market can take advantage of the reduced mortgage rates that many have already taken advantage of. Usually due to less than perfect credit many are unqualified to take advantage of these great offers. Its great news that now those with a lower credit rating can still take advantage of these great offers and save money.”

Another major change in the Alabama finance market has taken place. Fountain Home Loans is able to offer refinancing of FHA Investment properties for the first time ever. There are differences than a traditional refinance on a primary residence, however, it is still a very easy process and can save a significant amount of money over the life of the loan. “Another great development in the market is the ability of investment FHA properties to refinance via the new program. This is the first time we have offered a program like this and no doubt this will impact many FHA homeowners and investment property owners in Alabama very positively” noted Johsuah Bryant.

Owner and President at Fountain Home Loans LLC , based in Foley, Alabama, Joshuah Bryant also noted a third new option that is available in the Alabama market. “For the first time ever Fountain Home Loans is now able to offer A FHA Streamline Refinance Product on Manufactured, Mobile and Modular Housing. Only Three things are necessary to qualify. A FHA mortgage, a 680 mid credit score and no 30 day mortgage late payments in the past 12 months.”  Previously, FHA refinancing on Mobile homes or FHA Streamline Refinancing for Manufactured homes was unavailble under the previous government regulations.

Alabama Home Refinance options include FHA streamline refinancing, USDA refinancing, conventional refinancing and VA refinancing. “Clients may qualify for more than one type of loan in this situation. Fountain Home Loans understands the benefits and drawbacks of each type of loan and works with each client to determine which best meets his or her needs,” Mr. Bryant goes on to say.

Fountain Home Loans is also pleased to announce lower minimum credit score requirements for conforming Government and USDA programs. Requirements include:

  • FHA – Minimum 580 for all Conforming Full Documentation transactions.

  • FHA – Minimum 620 for all Conforming Streamline transactions.

  • VA – Minimum 600 for all Conforming Full Documentation and IRRRL transactions.

  • USDA – Minimum 620 for Full Documentation and 600 for Streamline/Super Streamline transactions.

Mr. Bryant adds “This is huge for so many people. To take advantage of historically low refinancing rates, and even many veterans that have been looking to refinance for a very long time, but have been hampered by credit score or even by their type of home. This is a great opportunity for them to save money.”

About Fountain Home Loans:

Established in 2012, Fountain Home Loans LLC, owned and operated by Joshuah Bryant and dedicates itself to helping clients find the best product and rate for their particular needs. The focus remains on providing exceptional customer service along with great rates and the lowest closing costs in the business. Fountain Home Loans continuously strives to improve on their product and service offerings to meet the strictest demands of the customer. First time and experienced buyers alike choose to make use of Fountain Home Loans and the same is true of those with perfect and less than perfect credit. Each customer receives individualized service to ensure the right mortgage product is found for him or her.  For more information visit