MCT Oil Benefits Energy, Healthy Weight Loss, Possible Alzheimer’s Cure

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( — August 10, 2013) Salt Lake City, UT — The recent revelations surrounding MCT oil in the science and health fields have gotten the attention of several well-known doctors and nutraceutical companies. Among those discussing the exciting possibilities for this coconut-derived oil is television host Dr. Mehmet Oz and health company Elite Gold Solutions. Some of the most promising benefits include the oil’s ability to increase energy levels naturally, promote healthy and safe weight loss, and, although more studies are still being done, the possible cure and treatment for devastating cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, which is extracted from another health phenom, coconut oil, is made up of fatty acids.  Unlike bad fats, the fat in MCT oil is surprisingly incredibly beneficial to the human body. Part of the reason is because the body easily digests it; dissimilarly, other fat sources get stuck in the body’s digestion and are stored, unattractively, for later use.

Recent studies have shown that because MCT oil can be readily digested, it is easier for the body to convert it to energy. And unlike caffeine that causes unhealthy spikes in energy levels, the energy produced from breaking down MCT oil lasts longer and does not drop off unexpectedly.

Weight loss can also be aided by MCT oil, research shows, because the medium chain triglycerides contain far fewer calories than the long chain triglycerides found in other fat sources. Subjects in studies who have used MCT oil in replace for other oils and fats as well as a health supplement in beverages like smoothies have lost three to four pounds more in one month than the control group who did not take any MCT oil.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs though is the possibility of treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease with MCT oil. Although the verdict is still officially out, some doctors and researchers are beginning to publish work that shows a positive connection between the two. It is believed by some that Alzheimer’s is caused by the brain not receiving the fuel it needs to create energy. When the brain is “starved”, parts of it stop functioning, manifesting in the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. MCT oil appears to be a favorite fuel source for the brain, which is why adding it to the diet could potentially “un-starve” the brain and reverse the negative effects of the disease.

MCT oil is becoming more readily available as demand increases. When shopping, be sure to always check the labels carefully, looking for products made in the United States and that contain pure MCT oil without any additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

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