Student Housing Construction Financing Changed Forever

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( – July 13, 2013) Washington, D.C. – Changes the Student Housing Construction Lending Industry Forever with Its Proprietary Sale-Leaseback Program that Provides 100% Debt Financing to Borrowers with Investment-Grade Credit or Better. (MUNI) is the premier direct lender for student housing construction financing for university on-campus and off-campus projects throughout the United States. They have made tremendous waves with their lending program that offers 100% debt financing to construct and own student housing projects, which can include graduate and workforce housing. MUNI’s capabilities are vitally important in a time where municipal bonds are lagging significantly in providing cost-effective financing to student housing construction projects that need the final tranche of capital to proceed and deliver the product. To be sure, MUNI is an alternative to the traditional capital markets that use public borrowing as the primary instrument to finance growth, new construction, or renovation projects for rated entities.

Many universities have found municipal bonds, conduit bonds, and other traditional capital stack solutions to be inadequate to service their project requirements. Further, the time value of direct lending in comparison to the bond market is significant and is the primary motivator for universities to look for alternative forms of financing that are tantamount to the rates of traditional municipal bonds. MUNI is providing universities with their student housing construction loan solution to ensure that projects are delivered on-time, that the construction professionals are paid for their results, and, most importantly, to ensure that students and faculty have comfortable, modern, and safe places to live and pursue their studies. It is important to note that the majority of universities throughout the United States are experiencing shortages in student housing supply to meet the ever growing demand from the various individuals and groups attending university programs.

There are a variety of reasons that MUNI’s student housing construction financing is critical to universities throughout the United States, to include, but not limited to:

  1. MUNI can close faster than traditional bonds and are less expensive;
  2. Universities need secure forms of financing to ensure their growth strategy is realized;
  3. The program provides 100% debt financing;
  4. MUNI can close without an appraisal on the real estate;
  5. Existing or expiring bonds can be refinanced quickly and cost-effectively;
  6. is a privately funded institution and unregulated.

The above are just a few examples of how direct lending is a superior alternative to municipal bonds, in that, the borrower can quickly close on a loan rather than pool a security instrument in the hope of attracting investors who are then going to trade on their position. MUNI’s direct lending program for student housing construction projects is the best alternative to municipal bonds and endowment programs. Additionally, the ability to quickly close the deal adds tremendous value to the overall offering of the service program and what it can do for the university system itself. MUNI stated to us that they started their student housing construction financing division to create additional opportunities for students to attend higher education and add value to the free market with their ingenuity. Contact Name: Gregory (Chief of Staff)

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