United States Gypsum Corp. And Others Sued For Contaminated Drywall Installed In North Port, Florida New Home

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(Newswire.net via Emailwire.com – July 14, 2013) Sarasota County, Fl. – According to records in Sarasota Circuit Court, Florida, on July 8, 2013 Charles A. Hummer and Yuliya Nemanis-Hummer Plaintiffs, filed a $25 million dollar Lawsuit against UNITED STATES GYPSUM CORPORATION, aka. (USG) for manufacturing defective USG SHEETROCK, that was installed in the new home purchased by the Plaintiffs in 2007.

Plaintiffs allege that USG knew that their manufactured drywall was defective and covered up the facts and furthermore failed to notify the public that their drywall was defective.  Plaintiffs state that the USG SHEETROCK allegedly contained almost four times the amount of CARBON DISULFIDE allowed, as well as having ACETONE, a few other chemicals and RADIATION in the USG SHEETROCK. 

The Plaintiffs further allege that this product being in their home has made it unlivable and has caused them irreparable health problems.

Also on July 8,2013 in Sarasota Circuit Court, the same plaintiffs filed an additional $25 million dollar Lawsuit against the builder ADAMS HOMES OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA, INC., the SHEETROCK supplier L & W SUPPLY CORPORATION d/b/a SEACOAST SUPPLY and the installer NU WAY DRYWALL LLC. The Plaintiffs alleges that all the Defendants were aware of the problems with the   product since 2006 and covered up these crucial facts, failing to notify the public of these problems.

The Plaintiffs Mr. & Mrs. Hummer allege they have suffered major physical and monetary damages as a result of the action of the Defendants.  They seek a trial by jury and punitive damages as well from all Defendants.

 Mr. Hummer who is a 100% disabled veteran, indicated that he has been trying for over four years to get some resolution on his contaminated drywall and that this is not the Chinese Drywall that many lawsuits have been filed on, but American manufactured drywall.  He has traced his Sheetrock to a USG manufacturing plant in Jacksonville, Fl. that is now closed.  He has talked to many others who have been plagued by this same problem and he considers his lawsuit the beginning of many others that will follow. 

He has a website ContaminatedAmericanDrywall.com that he invites people to view for much more facts and information on the defective material.