Beware of Diluted Argan Oil-Best Quality Argan Oil is Organic and Cold Pressed

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( — July 18, 2013 Seattle, Washington — The best quality argan oil is called Liquid Gold.

With soaring demand and price, Matthew Boyle reported in a June 30, 2013, Bloomberg article that some diluted “Moroccan oilblends are flooding the market. 

What are the signs that argan oil might be diluted, or might even be fake?  Price is one. Argan oil is expensive to produce and typically starts around $25 for a two-ounce bottle. Also, one of the most common complaints about impure or fake argan oil is a strong odor, a bad smell. Others complain of the oil feeling and smelling like olive oil and taking a long time to absorb into the skin.

Best quality, pure organic argan oil may have a very slight “nutty” smell that can vary with the season, but has a very mild scent. Typically pure, organic argan oil has a golden color and is smooth and silky. When applied to the skin it is absorbed quickly. Expect that certified organic argan oil has been processed without heat or chemicals.

How are oils removed from nuts and seeds?  Does it make a difference in price and quality?

A chemical bath is the most common way. It costs less. And it uses Hexane, which is a petroleum by product. Some experts consider Hexane a neuro-toxin and very dangerous.

Two other ways to extract oil are heat processing and cold pressing. Higher temperatures of heat processing yield more oil. This can make an oil cost less. But heat can damage or destroy quality.

Cold pressing maintains the oil’s nutrients. There are no poisonous trans fatty acids and no trace of chemicals.

Bob Freer of Arliaa says, “Our customers deserve the highest quality. With Arliaa organic argan oil, you get virgin oil that is certified organic by ECOCERT. Our oil is cold pressed with no added ingredients. This is a premium product. There is no higher-quality, unrefined, cold-pressed argan oil on the market.”


The oil is available from Arliaa and through, and more products will be released by Arliaa in 2013. For more information go to, or contact Bob Freer by telephone at 253-666-7920, or by email at

The company address is 100 Andover Park West, Suite 100-237 Seattle, WA 98188.