With Youth Unemployment High, Students Earn Cash With Paid Surveys

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(Newswire.net via Emailwire.com — July 19, 2013) Chicago, IL — While the US economy seems to be picking up some steam, youth unemployment still remains near historic highs. In June 2013 youth unemployment in the US hit 16.1 % According to the national non-partisan youth advocacy organization, Generation Opportunity, the jobless situation is in dire straits, for workers 18-29 years old.

With student loan debt now over 1 trillion dollars and congress still debating ways to fix the latest interest rate hikes, young people are especially feeling the pain. As of July 1 2013 as many as 8 million college students saw their interest rates on federally subsidized student loans double. Students saw their rates go from 3.4% to 6.8%, and according to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, that equates to an extra $2,800 more for borrowers to pay over a standard 10 year repayment term for loans created after June 30.

Students and young adults across the country are increasingly looking for alternate streams of incomes. As Part time job opportunities dwindle, Many students are earning cash with paid surveys. With the explosion of smart phones paid surveys are becoming a quick and easy way for students to earn cash.

Many Paid Survey companies do pay between $5 to $75 per survey. Focus Groups and research groups can range from $15- $35 per hour. Dedicated paid survey takers can earn cash anywhere from $200- $2000 per month. Some are not as quick to rush to spending their time for uncertain fortune. Some companies don’t actually pay cash, but participants can earn points for prizes.  

According to the Honomichl top 50 report, a market research trade publication, Total market research spending is estimated to be 14.8 billion dollars based off the top 204 market research companies and other governmental agencies.

Paid online surveys allow companies to more accurately assess consumer trends . Companies and governmental agencies rely on market research from paid surveys, to provide targeted information on markets and customers. High quality market research allows business to gain key advantage over their competition because they are able to use consumer trends to gain insight or support decision making .

Paid Surveys are one of many ways market research companies gather this information, and fortunately for many unemployed youth it is becoming a steady way to earn cash.

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