Travelers Can Now Get Luxury Vacation Condo Deals

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( – July 23, 2013) Chicago, Il —  Airline employees and their families have travel benefits so can travel often worldwide for free or for very little.  This is a great benefit but not without its costs.  There is still the cost of hotels or other accommodations. 


There can be up to 400,000 weeks of space in luxury condos worldwide.


These are condos that run from $750 a night to several thousand dollars a night. Belonging to a membership club provides access to these condos at a fraction of the price, often an entire week of stay for what it would cost without the membership for only one night. It makes great sense to be a member to have access to these at these great prices.  The obstacle for many people was that membership costs ranged from $15,000 to up to $300,000. 


Luxury vacation condos are now available to anyone that wants them.


An effect of the economy has been the decline of money being spent on luxury vacation condo club memberships. MyFunLife a vacation travel club including the luxury condos opened May 2013.  As a member of MyFunLife you have access to full travel services including airlines, hotels, cruises, vacation packages and a worldwide system of luxury condos. 


MyFunLife members have access to luxury condos worldwide


In the same way as members paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars have had in the past. The membership alone provided the member with valuable benefits, where it ends. As an extremely successful network marketing company it is has taken off with tens of thousands of people joining immediately worldwide. Not only are people traveling staying in luxury condos taking cruises and having a fun life but making money while they’re doing it.


MyFunLife was founded by a team of marketing professionals.


Many have more than 20 years experience in the business. They knew that providing a membership would mean that tens of thousands of members would sign up immediately and the company would grow worldwide at it at an astronomical pace.  They knew that by providing a membership they had far more value than the cost alone would do it but that was not all from experience they also know that by providing a generous pay plan that does that participated would benefit financially as well.


In the past few months the company has seen enormous growth.


Tens of thousands of people signing up taking advantage of the travel benefits taking advantage of the condos and building businesses for themselves so they can have the fun life that they want. As there is no large investment this is a business that truly is for everyone. The business is based in Idaho and operates worldwide.


Travel is a multi-trillion dollar business.


It is a business that is growing and in a business that is changing. Growth and change mean opportunity. When the product or service being offered by the company has value on its own it is a good solid company when the business chooses to use the network marketing model with a product or service that stands on its own it is a solid business model leading to growth. The Internet and the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets mean that this business can profitably spread worldwide and benefit those that participate.


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