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(Newswire.net — July 23, 2013) Brisbane, Qld — Survive an apocalypse on Earth in “The Last of Us”. This is a Playstation 3 Exclusive Game by Naughty Dog. Amazon.coms #1 best selling shooter game at the moment. So,if you looking for an addictive, action packed, survival computer game this is it. People are always asking, “What are the best Ps3 games? Well this is definitely one of them. This game is a must play, one of the best games on Ps3 Ps3!

The Last of Us is about a population consumed by a modern day plague. There are abandoned cities that have been reclaimed by vegetation and nature. There are only survivors left to kill each other for the short food supply, weapons and whatever else is left to get their hands on to survive.

Here you will find no hopefulness or belief in survival. There are two who have survived, Joel and Ellie, a young teenage girl who is clever and crafty well beyond her years. This story is based 20 years after a widespread epidemic had entirely changed the way civilization was known and accepted.

One of the main characters “Joel” is hired to secretly smuggle a young 14 year old girl out of a tyrannical and overbearing military quarantine and detention zone. This operation starts out as a small job for Joel, but soon ends up being a brutal journey across the U.S.

Some of the Key Game Features Are: ( As Quoted on Amazon.Com)
• Third-person oriented gameplay that blends survival and action elements into a genre-defining video game experience

• Character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague, and the resulting ambiguity of good and evil

• A unique blend of exploration, platforming, stealth, and combat game mechanics

• “Dynamic Stealth,” which allows for multiple strategies and techniques to use in situations, resulting in different possible outcomes

• AI (artificial intelligence) that adapts depending on the situation, player actions, and weapons/tactics used

• A live inventory system in which the game actions and dangers continue as players organize, combine, and select items

• Developed by Naughty Dog, creators of the best-selling Uncharted series

One review by a person called Chip D. on Amazon.Com states “I just finished this game, and when they say it is an instant classic, they mean it. It is the best game I have played in 23 years of gaming, and the graphics, voice acting, and gameplay are unparalleled. The best $60 I’ve ever spent in my life.”

So this is one game I would not miss out on playing. An addictive survival game. There are more great reviews like that one on Amazon.com.

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