Australia Cloud Computing Policy Announced

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( —  July 23, 2013) Sydney, Australia — Australia’s Federal Government has made announcement of its cloud computing policy. Usage of cloud computing will maintain the privacy, integrity, security and availability of personal information.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC and Senator Kate Lundy, the minister assisting for the Digital Economy, announced the policy. They said that as a part of the government, this policy would become a leader in the proper usage and application of cloud services. “The decision makers can easily determine when they should allow outsourcing or off shoring on a basis of case-by-case because of this policy,” says Dreyfus. 

According to Senator Lundy, cloud hosting is a technology that provides cost savings along with scalability, flexibility and agility. It is in fact, changing the perception about communications technology and its application. “We as a part of the Government, enthusiastically support latest technology like cloud computing as it plays a vital role in facilitating government business and definitely helps to generate best value for the tax payer,” says Lundy.

She also informed that cloud computing is capable of revolutionizing the usage of digital technology, especially when the National Broadband Network has rolled out. They are paying attention to the personal information security and assure that every organization including Government sector, will deal it with highest care. They are also incorporating necessary measures to safeguard personal information before it is stored in the cloud. To store such personal information in cloud, it is important to get approval of Minister of privacy and the Minister responsible for the information. 

Dreyfus said that they are happy to introduce a policy to assist the Government agencies to access security and privacy risks that might take place in cloud. This will help them to decide when proper cloud arrangement should be made to meet business needs. 

“The policy will definitely help people like me to provide information in cloud for any government agency without worrying about any leakage of my personal details. It is definitely a welcome move by the government to keep pace with the technology,” says Mike Taylor, businessperson, Sydney.