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(Newswire.net — July 24, 2013) St. Paul, MN — A new website to help individuals find information about universities and other schools in Minnesota is now open to the public.

Minnesota Online Schools discusses the new education options provided to local students by universities and schools in the state of Minnesota and elsewhere. Many schools are now providing through their online option the same material as they offer in a regular classroom setting.

At the www.MinnesotaOnlineSchools.com website, students can find out about degrees in almost any field they wish by looking through the degree search tool.

The website’s manager, Victoria Burns, says online schooling offers many advantages that regular schooling does not.

“Online schooling is usually more convenient for students with busy schedules because the students have the options of doing the homework and working on the course material any time they want,” Burns said.

Burns went on further to say that attending classes online also cuts out the cost of transportation to school and back because students can actually attend their classes via their computer or tablet.

“Taking online courses can be the right way to go for many students who work a lot or have children to take care of. Plus, many students find that they can finish their homework faster as there are no distractions from other students,” Burns continued.

Almost all online class options require tuition, books, and sometimes other expenses, but many classes are offered at various start times during the year.

“Students don’t have to wait to sign up for classes. With web-based classes, students can take courses any time of the year,” Burns said.

While many degrees can be completed strictly through online coursework, some majors require labs or in-person sessions. Burns noted that most requirements needed to complete a degree can be finished via online classes. “It is without a doubt a growing trend and it is often the fastest way to a degree,” Burns concluded.

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MinnesotaOnlineSchools.com is a website put together specifically for individuals interested in attending a university or other school in Minnesota. The site provides information about available schools and classes. For more information, visit www.MinnesotaOnlineSchools.com.

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