Bethesda Chiropractor Dr. Flood Announces Return to Practice

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 ( via — July 24, 2013)  Bethesda, MD — For patients of the Chiropractic Wellness Center, Dr. Flood is known as the most beloved chiropractor in Maryland. Patients have overwhelmingly expressed their appreciation and delight, now that Dr. Flood has recovered from his injuries. They will now have their favorite Montgomery County chiropractor back. 

About four years ago, Dr. Flood experienced injuries that compromised his ability to work, much to the dismay of his loyal patients. However, with incredible support from loved ones as well as from the medical community, Dr. Flood is excited to begin assisting patients again as their most trusted Bethesda chiropractor.

For Dr. Flood, continuing his career as a Bethesda chiropractor was always part of his long term plan, depending only on his rate of recovery. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” says Dr. Flood. “Practicing as a chiropractor in Maryland is my calling. My patients have always been the most important to me, and I’ve committed my professional life to helping them achieve their physical best.”

At ProHealth, many of Dr. Flood’s patients are seeking a chiropractor in Maryland because of either developing or chronic back pain. Dr. Flood understands the variances in each patient’s body and situation, and he’s known for the special attention he pays to each patient’s needs. Patients appreciate Dr. Flood as a Bethesda chiropractor who takes careful steps to determine the source and cause of pain. By taking care to diagnose his patients accurately, Dr. Flood is able to administer the correct treatment.

From massage therapy to exercise regimens, Dr. Flood is a Montgomery County chiropractor who employs a wide range of solutions to meet each patient’s specific needs. “Different ailments in the body respond to certain treatments in different ways,” says Dr. Flood. “The sooner we can pinpoint the origin of pain, the sooner we can determine the focus of our chiropractic healing. Of course, prevention remains the best medicine!”

Dr. Flood looks forward to returning to his practice to assist new and old patients alike. If you’re experiencing back pain, have questions about the body’s nervous system, or would like to schedule an appointment with a Bethesda chiropractor, contact the offices of ProHealth today!


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